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Impact Absorption Device for Defence

Design and delivery of impact absorption / mitigation solutions incorporated into Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV)

Impact Absorption and Mitigation Device for Defence

Client: Thales Australia


Following the rapid growth of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks experienced in active deployment, our expertise was sought by Thales Australia. FormCUT was asked to determine key technical developments in the design and delivery of impact absorption / mitigation solutions that were to be incorporated in Protected Mobility Vehicles as part of the PMV Update rapidly requested by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).  


The aim was to minimise the risk and possibility of injury and reduce the severity of injury in this type of attack. In particular, our work was focused on reducing lower limb fractures so that vehicle occupants would be able to exit a damaged vehicle. 

FormCUT Impact Absorption and Mitigation Device for Defence
FormCUTImpact Absorption and Mitigation Device for Defence


FormCUT collaborated with Thales Design Engineers to determine suitable materials and manufacturing processes. Over a two year period, this work led to the prototyping and then production of 101 Bushmaster Occupant Protection assemblies that were deployed and installed in Afghanistan.

The first deployed vehicles with the PMV Update re-entered service in early September 2011. On the 23rd of September three soldiers were in a Bushmaster that was directly attacked by an IED. The occupants were quickly evacuated from their vehicle and after an initial medical inspection all three personel were released and able to return to limited duties. 

Participation in this project was a rewarding and satisfying experience for everyone involved. 

FormCUT is a pro-active Defence focused organisation, developing Packaging, Handling and Storage solutions for the safe and secure transit of defence material as required by the Damage Minimisation Initiative [DMI] under Strategic Reform Program (SRP).

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