About  Form Cut

About Form Cut

Form Cut is a pro-active Defence focused organisation, developing Packaging, Handling and Storage solutions for the safe and secure transit of defence material as required by the Damage Minimisation Initiative [DMI] under Strategic Reform Program (SRP).

About Form Cut – Design Create Protect

What differentiates Form Cut from our competitors is the exclusive implementation of our DMI protocol to the Conceptual Design, detailed Engineering and Prototyping, and subsequent Quality-controlled Manufacture of state of the art specific custom rigid and flexible protective foam frames and inserts affixed within Defence transit cases and containers, for the secure packaging and transit of high value assets / sensitive instruments and devices  —  electronic, laser, medical, optical, scientific — carry-on/ carry-off mission critical systems, plus weapons and associated sighting, firing and guidance systems and so forth.

Form Cut Custom Protective Cases
Form Cut Fire-Retardant Anti-Static (FRAS) Foam

Generally speaking, the material of choice for most Defence applications is our Fire-Retardant Anti-Static (FRAS) foam which meets DEF (AUST) 1000C, Part 7 Grade D – FRAS foam is closed cell High Density Polyethylene, with very high energy absorption / impact resistance and vibration isolation properties, which is crucial for the protection of  equipment that needs to be deployed quickly in a non-friendly manner, such as by air (fly-away kits), or from a moving vehicle (deployable Comm’s), with potential resultant landing impact, especially if the equipment is not totally “ruggedised”  —  we have a strong focus on minimising the “footprint” of goods in transit, whilst at the same time retaining the protective integrity of the packaging solution.

Form Cut can supply engineered foam transit solutions for cases / containers supplied by the client, or we can supply both the designated case / container together with the integral foam insert, as a complete turn-key package — the type and physical configuration of the container is based on the best solution for the application — we supply Pelican, Hardigg, Trimcast, Storm, plus several other approved brands of “plastic” cases, aluminium flight cases, special water-proof triple-walled cardboard boxes, cardboard box within a cardboard box system, plastic flute board containers, wooden crates and so forth.

Form Cut Custom Protective Cases with Foam Inserts
Form Cut Custom Protective Cases for Defence

Form Cut is registered Preferred Defence Supplier Z0EM0 and member of Defence Teaming Centre in SA.

We are proud to list among our satisfied clients, most Defence Primes and Defence SME’s, Aust State and Federal Police Depts, Australian Customs, Dept of Immigration, DSTG, LEA, ASPSPO, LSPSPO, NGWSPO, RAAF 87 Squadron and 92 Wing.